Photography from Bolivia, Chile, Peru and elsewhere in South America.

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News and Updates

April 2018: New images (including astro photography ones) of a recent trip to Bolivia's North Lipez region (plus Uyuni town and train cemetery, which now has a separate gallery) will be uploaded soon....! 

March 2018: La Paz's cable car network has been expanding with a couple of new cable car lines opening in recent months. New images of these Orange and White lines, plus construction of the Purple line will be online soon

February 2018: James has been in Tarija in southern Bolivia for most of the month, covering their Carnival celebrations and also exploring the region (which produces most of Bolivia's wine) in more detail. Areas visited included the Concepcion Valley wine region, Chaguaya (an important regional pilgrimage site), Sama Biological Reserve, Valle de los Condores and the Camargo area in neighbouring Chuquisaca Dept (best known for its impressive red rock canyon scenery and wine and singani production). Images will be going online soon....!

January 2018: Images from a trip to Cusco and also the village of Juli (famous for its colonial churches) near Puno will be going online soon. I've also uploaded some older images of Lampa in the Puno Region, a beautiful village again famous for its colonial church and catacombs.

November 2017: New images of Curahuara de Carangas (Oruro Department) and surrounding area, also Sajama National Park (including full moon / moonlight images).

October 2017: New images (including lots of astro photography ones) of a recent trip to the northern part of Bolivia's Salar de Uyuni will be uploaded soon....! Also images of Lake Poopo area of Oruro Department.

September 2017: It looks like several puya raimondii plants will be flowering in the La Paz region this year, will hopefully make a few trips to shoot more images of them in the next couple of months. I was also lucky to get to a great indigenous dance festival in a village near Lake Titicaca, lots of unusual dances and costumes!

July / August 2017: Been shooting new images of La Paz anniversary celebrations, Independence and Flag Days, both important civic events. Also new images (including astrophotography) of Mt Huayna Potosi, Milluni and other parts of Cordillera Real close to La Paz. 

May / June 2017: Trips and shoots include a camelid festival at Curahuara de Carangas, Caranavi region (Yungas), various in and around La Paz. Also a trip to Baltimore and Maryland in USA, images are being made available as prints on my FineArtAmerica site here.

March / April 2017: Been shooting new images of Carnival and Easter festivities in La Paz among others, plus another trip to Bolivia's Sajama National Park

January / February 2017: Images from November's trips to Cochabamba area (Bolivia) and Chile are going online.....!

November 2016: James has been shooting new images of the Cochabamba region of Bolivia (including Torotoro and Tunari National Parks, Tarata and other villages), and also the San Pedro de Atacama and Calama areas of northern Chile. New images of Bolivia's Salar de Uyuni (including the giant Echinopsis atacamensis cacti in flower and astrophotography) will also be going online soon!

October 2016: New images of birds and cacti in flower, the El Choro Inca Trail in Cotapata National Park, El Alto and rural churches in Oruro Department have been added.

September 2016: Images of Huerquehue National Park and monkey puzzle / araucaria araucana trees in Chile's Lake District have been added. James has also been shooting new images (including night landscapes and nature) in Lauca National Park and Las Vicuñas National Reserve in northern Chile at the end of the month. 

August 2016: New images (including astro photography) of a recent trip to Bolivia's Sajama National Park and surrounding areas will be uploaded soon....!

July 2016: New work from trips to Bolivia's Cordillera Real range have been going online, including images of the Sorata area, peaks of Illampu, Ancohuma, Huayna Potosi and Chacaltaya and others.

June 2016: A variety of new images of La Paz have been uploaded, and also images from Copiapo and nearby in Chile's Region III de Atacama.

May 2016: James has been taking advantage of fine weather conditions normal at this time of year to make various trips out into the Cordillera Real mountain range. New images will be added soon....!

April 2016: Many new images from a recent trip to the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia are now available in the Salar de Uyuni gallery. The Salar still had water on it making it possible too see the mirror effect, and there were also some stunning sunsets! New images of Uyuni and Colchani villages and the Cordillera Real (including the Pampalarama Ecolodge and around) have also been added.

March 2016: New images of puya raimondii flower with Milky Way, Day of the Sea / Dia del Mar in La Paz have recently been added to the image database.

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