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October 2019: Recent trips include exploring Iskanwaya (Bolivia's little visited 2nd most important archaeological site) and others in the surrounding  Muñecas and Camacho provinces to the NW of La Paz. James also led a photo tour through the Bolivian altiplano, visiting Lake Titicaca, Sajama, Salar de Uyuni, Lipez provinces and the Eduardo Avaroa National Reserve. Images will be going online soon.

September 2019: James was recently in Tarija for the San Roque festival, famous for its chunchus dancers, and also took advantage of the trip to shoot some more images of Tarija, some wineries and villages in the Cinti Valley (Chuquisaca) and visit the train cemetery and museum at Machacamarca near Oruro.

August 2019:  Images from a trip to Cusco (including the Chinchero area and Machu Picchu airport construction, plus some of lesser known sites in and Sacred Valley) will be going online soon

July 2019: New images of the indigenous Chipaya villages and North Lipez (including several rock art sites and the Villa Mar and San Pedro de Quemes areas) will be going online soon.

June 2019: New images of Bolivia's president Evo Morales Ayma walking a section of the Qhapaq Ñan Inca road near Lake Titicaca have been added.

May 2019: New images of a trip to the Sorata area in Bolivia's Cordillera Real range will be going online soon. Images of the Valle de las Animas near La Paz have also been uploaded.

April 2019: James has been shooting new images of quinoa fields, villages, churches and archaeological sites on a recent trip to the Las Salinas de Garci Mendoza and Tunupa volcano area on the north side of the Salar de Uyuni. This side of the Salar is generally much less visited by tourists. The Salar also still had water on it making it possible too see the mirror effect, there were some stunning sunsets!

March 2019: Many new images of a trip to Regions XV and I in northern Chile have recently been added, including the Colonial Missions Route / Ruta de los Missiones near Arica, Putre area, Codpa Valley, petroglyphs and geoglyphs, Camarones, Arica and Iquique and others.

January 2019: James was in Ollantaytambo to cover the Bajada de Reyes / Epiphany festival. Images of this and Cusco (including lesser known sites and villages in the area) will be going online soon

October 2018: Many new images of a trip along the Bolivia Chile border have recently been added, including the San Pedro de Atacama area, Eduardo Avaroa Reserve, Salar de Coipasa, Isluga and Lauca National Parks and others.

April 2018: New images (including astro photography ones) of a recent trip to Bolivia's North Lipez region (plus Uyuni town and train cemetery, which now have separate galleries) will be uploaded soon....! 

March 2018: La Paz's cable car network has been expanding with a couple of new cable car lines opening in recent months. New images of these Orange and White lines, plus construction of the Purple line will be online soon

February 2018: James has been in Tarija in southern Bolivia for most of the month, covering their Carnival celebrations and also exploring the region (which produces most of Bolivia's wine) in more detail. Areas visited included the Concepcion Valley wine region, Chaguaya (an important regional pilgrimage site), Sama Biological Reserve, Valle de los Condores and the Camargo area in neighbouring Chuquisaca Dept (best known for its impressive red rock canyon scenery and wine and singani production). Images will be going online soon....!

January 2018: Images from a trip to Cusco and also the village of Juli (famous for its colonial churches) near Puno will be going online soon. I've also uploaded some older images of Lampa in the Puno Region, a beautiful village again famous for its colonial church and catacombs.

November 2017: New images of Curahuara de Carangas (Oruro Department) and surrounding area, also Sajama National Park (including full moon / moonlight images).

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